shoulder mobility assessment and treatment 

This video series from The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic provides you with basic self-assessment, treatment and maintenance of your shoulder mobility. The shoulder mobility series videos are designed to be followed in sequential order for maximum benefit. 
Begin with basic assessment of your joint mobility. There are many components that contribute to mobility and you will be led through assessment of each component. This will enable you to constantly and consistently monitor your mobility. 
Progress to treatment of your mobility. This incorporates caring for the many components that comprise mobility. You will learn how to effectively, efficiently and brilliantly care for your mobility within your normal activities without wasting precious time during the day. 
Rehabilitation of your mobility may be necessary following your treatment course. sometimes your symptomatic pain may cause you to lose strength around the joint. This will be improved to some extent whilst you are caring for your mobility. Further rehabilitation will increase strength and endurance, leading to improved resilience to future relapses of your initial symptoms. 

Mobility assessment 

The first step towards reducing your pain and improving your mobility is assessment. These videos are designed to guide you through basic assessment of the joints involved in mobility. Make a note of how each assessment feels so that you can repeat it and have some objective measure that shows how much your mobility is improving. The assessment videos are designed to be performed in order and will gradually lead you through assessments for general joint mobility, muscle condition and inflammation of muscular attachments to the bones of the joint. 

Shoulder assessment - flexion 

shoulder assessment - hands behind head 

shoulder assessment - external rotation 

Shoulder assessment - abduction 

shoulder assessment - internal rotation 

Mobility treatment 

Treatment of your mobility will gradually improve it, resulting in less problematic movement. Follow the videos in order to ensure that you are treating your mobility thoroughly. There are timing and frequency guidelines at the end of each video. Revisit the treatment videos regularly to maintain problem free mobility and guarantee resilience against future relapses. 

shoulder treatment - arm swings 

shoulder rotation - levator scapulae stretch 

shoulder treatment - triceps stretch 

shoulder treatment - water bottle lifts 

shoulder treatment - shoulder stretch 

shoulder treatment - spider fingers 

shoulder treatment - self massage 

Mobility rehabilitation 

Rehabilitation of your mobility will gradually enable you to achieve your right to a pain free life and develop a high level of resilience against future relapses of your symptomatic pain. Mobility rehabilitation should always bvegin with endurance - the ability to perform a movement repetitively over time - and then progress towards strength. 

shoulder rehabilitation - rotator cuff level 1 

shoulder rehabilitation - rotator cuff level 2 

Shoulder rehabilitation - wood chop 

shoulder rehabilitation - rotator cuff level 2 

Shoulder rehabilitation - drawing the sword 

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You can read more information about treatment or visit The Moballise Physiotherapy clinic. 
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