Physiotherapy at The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic 

Physiotherapy can be an enormously important treatment modality to assist you in regaining your mobility, your time, your life. This fabulous profession has developed from it's origins in Nursing to take it's place at the forefront of improving physical performance by reducing painful mobility. 
Physiotherapists have a vast range of treatment techniques at their disposal to enable your independence. They will employ time honoured massage techniques, evidence based manual therapy techniques, objectively applied joint mobilisation techniques and exercise based rehabilitative techniques to assist you in regaining your pain free mobility. 
At The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic we very strongly believe in enabling our Physiotherapy patients. The more understanding, skills, independence and control you develop the more enabled you will become to monitor, treat and maintain your new found pain free mobility. 
The Physiotherapists at The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic will make sure they never waste your precious time. Every session is guaranteed to include as much treatment, advice and education as you can take. 
Our intention is always to enable you to take care of your own mobility independently. We want to help you to care for your body brilliantly, long after your treatment has ended. 
Your Physiotherapy treatment will be led by both you and your physiotherapist. Your initial assessment will include full diagnosis and as much treatment as possible. During this first session your Physiotherapist will also give you a professional, objective view of your prognosis - your chances of a full recovery, how much clinical treatment is required and how long you can expect your recovery to take. 

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All physiotherapy assessment and treatment sessions are 30 minutes. We will be ready and waiting for you and we guarantee that we will never keep you longer than you had planned for. Our time keeping is legendary so there is no need to worry about wasting any time during the session. We make sure we use every single minute to assist your recovery, independence and resilience.  
Our professional team of Physiotherapists will help you to regain your natural mobility and share with you all the knowledge you need to maintain your natural movement. 
This is more than Physiotherapy - this is improved mobility. 
With over twenty years of experience in improving mobility we are in a perfect place to assist you with Physiotherapy treatments, exercise rehabilitation and an ongoing maintenance programme that will ensure you regain the movement of your youth. 
The key to successful Physiotherapy treatment at The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic is resilience. Whilst we are always very happy to see you, we would rather there is as much time between your visits as possible and we hope that the next time we see you it is for a different reason! 
The more you do during normal daily activities to maintain your own mobility, the less treatment you will need from us. Our Physiotherapy treatment schedules promote lifelong healthy mobility habits. We will fill you full of top tips to promote your mobility without wasting precious time with undertaking artificial, scripted exercises. 

Physiotherapy treatments at The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic will: 

Decrease pain during rest and movement 
Improve overall joint mobility 
Increase muscular strength and coordination 
Improve cardio-respiratory function 
Improve flexibility and muscular tightness 
Increase resillience to future injury 
Prevent relapses of similar issues 
Decrease risk of falls and associated injury 
Improve walking and movement patterns 
Increase ability to walk further and for longer 
Increase balance and postural stability 
Increase confidence 
Increase independence 
Improve quality of life 
At The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic we believe it is best to discharge our patients permanently rather than frequently from treatment. 
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