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Treatment at The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic is always focussed on rehabilitation and return to your normal activities of daily living. A wide variety of treatment methods can be called upon from more traditional manual physiotherapeutic techniques to more advanced, appropriately loaded, resistance and movement based exercise rehabilitation. The many different symptomatic pains that are presented in clinic very often require different treatment approaches to ensure a successful rehabilitation phase and return to independence. Every treatment method that is called upon will be research supported and evidence based to provide the best possible treatment course in terms of both patient satisfaction and end-goal achievement. The goal is always to return you, the patient, to all your normal activities of daily life utilising more mobility in a pain free way. 
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Knee Pain 

Knees are beautiful things. Granted, some are more beautiful to look at than others, although they all provide wonderful benefits. Primarily, they allow legs to bend in the middle. Pretty essential when sitting down on a chair or climbing stairs. 

Neck Pain 

Virtually everybody has experienced neck pain over the course of their lives. It may have had an identifiable incident as the cause, suddenly come on for no obvious reason or been coming and going for years. 

Back Pain 

Back pain is the single largest cause of sick days in the UK. It is clearly in the interest of both employees AND employers to manage and treat any episodes of back pain effectively. 


Rehabilitation is the process of regaining full normal function following an injury and aims to restore overall strength and mobility of the affected body site. This is achieved through the application of specific exercises. Rehabilitation is an important part of the clinical treatment process following an injury and is key to regaining pre-injury levels of daily function or sports performance. 


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knee pain 

neck pain 

back pain 

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