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The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic was opened in November 2017 by Kristian Spoors after gathering more than 25 years of experience in the health & fitness industry, having spent the last ten years honing his physiotherapy skills in Private Practice. 
He has spent over five years lecturing nationally in anatomy and physiology with a predominant interest in the use of exercise in rehabilitation. This vast wealth of knowledge and experience is now focused into The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic, where Kristian's sole aim is to get rid of his patients as quickly as possible. 
The quicker and more permanent your recovery is, the quicker you will refer more patients to benefit from The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic! 
The unique feature of treatment at The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic is that, within a maximum of six treatments, you will be returning to all the normal daily activities of your life whilst developing an understanding of how to look after your body and prevent a relapse of symptoms without taking up precious time in your day. 
The fundamental treatment approach in The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic is designed to assess and treat all musculoskeletal disorders from sports injuries and chronic back or neck pain to the maintenance of ongoing musculo skeletal medical conditions. 
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Beyond fitness levels, many people are severely limited in their mobility, either specifically in certain muscles or in overall ability to move around, usually because of easily reversible factors. Many people could feel much more mobile than they currently do whilst heading off painful habits before they take hold and become problematic. 
Every day, with every movement you make, your body gradually tightens up, affecting movement ability and overall quality of life. If you are repeating movements regularly every day, and certainly many times during a day, the tightening up process can be even more dramatic. Different groups within society will experience different symptoms. 
Whilst activity is undoubtedly great for the body and offers a myriad different benefits in terms of cardiovascular health it does cause the muscles of the body to gradually tighten up, if left unchecked. 
The majority of aches and pains throughout life are attributable to this gradual increase in muscular tension and the increasing tendency of prolonged immobility. 
The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic sessions will guide you through the background knowledge of how the body gradually tightens up throughout life to result in what many of us accept as old age. It explains some of the assumptions that we make about old age and how our common perceptions of what we can expect from our bodies leads to us gradually feeling 'old'.  
In fact, many of the changes that are attributed to ageing are under your control and can be limited, or even reduced, lowering the effects that they have on your quality of life and perceived age. 
The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic employs real time assessments of your body in order to identify the likely causes of the aches and pains which lead to this perceived early onset of ageing and reduction of your movement ability. 
During your sessions at The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic you will learn to self-assess and self-treat your body within normal daily activities to maintain your movement ability and function, improving your quality of life without taking time from your day. 
The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic will put you in a position to successfully self-monitor and manage your aches and pains, greatly improving your control over quality of life. 

How can The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic help? 

First we will conduct a full, objective physiotherapeutic assessment of your symptoms. This will include checks of all the associated joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. The assessment assists in identifying the factors that are likely to be contributing to your symptomatic pain. Establishing the cause of your symptoms is the first and most important step towards formulating an effective, evidence based approach for resolution of the pain and ongoing management of any future symptoms or episodes. 
Treatment at The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic include hands on treatments such as soft tissue techniques, joint mobilisations and manipulations. You will be fully included in your treatment session and will be shown take-home versions of many of the techniques used so that you can continue your treatment between sessions.  
This will enormously improve your recovery rate. At The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic we absolutely disagree with the concept of physiotherapy exercises. We believe that you should only take away with you the techniques that are useful in relieving your symptoms. We will never ask you to set aside ten minutes of your day to 'do your exercises'! 
Your treatment course and rehabilitation plan will be developed in conjunction with your Moballise Physiotherapist. There is over 25 years worth of experience in injury resolution and rehabilitation to draw upon at The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic. The most important part of your recovery is, however, YOU. It is essential to your ongoing recovery and wellness that you are actively engaged in your treatment
The treatments that you experience in any physiotherapy clinic are temporary. Often the only way to convert the temporary benefits into permanent is through increased frequency of treatment. If logistics and finances allow, you are welcome to visit The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic every day. It would be much better for all involved, though, if you learn how to take care of your treatment independently. This will lead to a much more rapid and permanent recovery which you can sustain with maintenance. 
You can read more information about treatment or find The Moballise Physiotherapy clinic. 
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